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  1. Previous History of the Department:
    • Founded in 1955, the Business Administration Institute was recognized as the very first business educational institute in Taiwan.
    • In 1965, the Institute was divided into two separate divisions – Corporate Management and Industrial Management. The Corporate Management Division focused on management in marketing and financial industry, whereas the Industrial Management Division had a strong emphasis on operational management.
  2. Undergraduate Program:
    • In 1972, as the economy in Taiwan took off, the Education Ministry advised the Department be separated into the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Industrial Management Science.
  3. Graduate Program:
    • As the demand for professional knowledge and skills increased, the Department of Business Administration established its Master program in 1989 and Doctor of Philosophy degree program in 1993. The Department now also offers an evening MBA program, which begun in 2000.
  4. Institute of International Business:
    • In 1994, as the trend of internationalization becoming a great emphasis in the world economy, the Institute of International Business was founded; its master program was first established, and the Doctoral of Philosophy degree later began in 2000. The Chair for the Department of Business Administration has been assigned as the Chair of the Institute since 1997.
  5. The Department & the Institute:
    • By August 2004, the title “Department of Business Administration and Institute of International Business” became official under the restructure of the University. Currently, the Department consists of the undergraduate program, the program for Master of Business Administration, the program for Master of International Business, the program for Doctoral of Philosophy, and the evening MBA program.