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National Cheng Kung University

Department of Business Administration 

Rules & Regulation for MBA Programs


1. Credits Overview:

Department/Institute Business Administration
Credits Required for Graduation 45
Compulsory Fundamental Courses

Accounting ,Statistics,Economics


Required Elective Courses 18
Methodology Courses 3
Elective Courses 24
Notes * All students need to fulfill the credits requirement for graduation in order to apply for oral test of thesis.
** English Exit Exam is required to graduate

*Students who enter after 2022 academic year has to take general education courses of academic ethics (a minimum of six hours), and present the certificate upon applying for graduation. Moreover, they also need to take Writing in Chinese and English (a minimum of one hour), and communication skills (a minimum of one hour), the above two will be included in the method courses provided by the department of BA. 

2. Compulsory Fundamental Courses:

  1) Fundamental Statistics in Business
  2) Fundamental Accounting in Business
  3) Fundamental Economics in Business

  * Note:
    [1] The 3 courses above must be completed before graduation.
    [2] The compulsory fundamental courses do not count as part of the credits required for graduation.
    [3] The course may be waived for students who have completed the above courses in undergraduate study for more than 1 semester (3 credits) with an average mark of 60 or above. Students who wish to do so should acknowledge the Department with the original copy of report from their undergraduate courses after registering this program for verification by the Department of Business Administration.

3. Required Elective Courses:

Department/Institute Business Administration
Course Name 1) Marketing Management [can only be taken in the first year]
2) Financial Management
3) Operations Management
4) Human Resource Management [can only be taken in the first year]
5) Information Management [can only be taken in the first year]
6) Business Policy & Strategy
7) Qualitative Research Methods ,Qualitative & Quantitative Studies,Quantitative Methods for Management,Business Research Methods, Data Analysis Methods, Multivariate Analysis, Econometrics [choose one of the above]

1) Students who have previously taken the above courses (1)to(6) and have received mark of 60 or above may apply to waive the course (Application Form). However, the waived course credits are not recognized as credits for graduation

2) Students who do so are required to enroll in one related-subject course as replacement of the waived course. [Example: A student having received a mark of 60 in Marketing Management from his undergraduate study and applying for the course waiver will have to enroll in Advanced Marketing Management.]

3) The course waiving form and the formal transcript need to be submitted by the check-in time.

4) Those who do not either apply for waiving Marketing Management/ Human Resource Managemen nor take the courses in the first year, have to wait till the third year to take the above courses to fulfill the graduation requirements.


5. Thesis Advisor:

  1) Students must identify their theses advisor after returning for their second semester (before the end of February).
  2) The thesis advisor must be a professor, an associate professor, a assistant professor of the Department of Business Administration. If the advisor is of another department or a part-time instructor, he/she will need to co-advise the student with a full-time instructor from the Department of Business Administration.
  3) The limitation of advisees for each instructor in the department is the total number of graduate students divided by the total number of the instructors plus one. The co-advisee mentioned in 2) will be counted as one advisee.
  4) Students changing advisors in the fourth semester will need to wait at least 3 months to apply for their oral test of theses.

6. Regulations for Course Enrollment

  1) A maximum of 5 courses, excluding seminars, can be taken every semester.
  2) Students may take 1 course outside the department each semester, and an application for the selected course is to be submitted to the Department Office in advance in order to be accredited as credits for graduation.
  3) Students are not allowed to take courses outside the department if Department of Business Administration provides the same courses.

7. English Proficiency Verification Prior to Graduation (English Exit Exam):

  1) Students must pass one of the English proficiency tests listed below:
    *GEPT – High-Intermediate Level (First stage: listening & reading)
    *TOEFL iBT – 72 or above
    *IELTS 5.5 or above
    *TOEIC – 785 or above
  2) The English test that has been taken within the 5 years before enrollment may be accepted.

* Notes:
  All the regulations are designed to be in line with the Student Handbook. If any violation occurs, the regulations from the Student Handbook will be the primary guideline to be followed.

These regulations were translated from the original Chinese. In the event of any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese shall always take precedence.