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周信輝   Chou, Hsin - Hui 
Title Professor& Chairman/Director 
Education Ph. D., Marketing, University of Manchester, UK
Expertise Innovation and Strategies, Enterprise Marketing, New Product Development, Qualitative Research
email hhchou@mail.ncku.edu.tw      Ext. 53301  or 53319
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張心馨 Chang, Hsin Hsin 
Title Distinguished Professor  
Education Ph. D., Management, University of Bradford, UK
Expertise Integration Manufacture & Business Strategy, E-Business & M-Commerce Marketing Decision
Email easyhhc@mail.ncku.edu.tw     Ext.  53326
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方世杰  Fang,Shih-Chieh 
Title Professor     
Education Ph. D., Financial Study, University of Taiwan, Taiwan
Expertise International Business Administration, Knowledge Management
email fangsc@mail.ncku.edu.tw      Ext. 53335
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賴孟寬   Lai, Meng-Kuan
Title Associate Professor
Education Ph. D., Marketing, Purdue University, USA
Expertise Consumer Behavior Analysis, Questionnaire Design
email mklai@mail.ncku.edu.tw     Ext. 53342
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王瑜琳     Wang, Yu - Lin
Title Associate Professor
Education Ph. D., Human Resource Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Expertise Strategic Human Resource Management/Development, Strategic Development, Entrepreneur & Innovation
email  ywang@mail.ncku.edu.tw      Ext. 53325
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蔡惠婷   Tsai, Huei -Ting 
Title Associate Professor
Education Ph. D., Management Studies, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK
Expertise Marketing Management, Internationalization Strategies
email  httsai@mail.ncku.edu.tw     Ext. 53329 
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黃瀞瑩 Huang,Ching-Ying 
Title Associate Professor
Education Ph. D., Industrial & Systems Management, Auburn University, USA
Expertise Statistical Analysis, Operations Management in Healthcare, Quality Management
email isastat@mail.ncku.edu.tw      Ext. 53324
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許經明  Shiu, Jing - Ming 
Title Associate Professor
Education Ph. D., Business and Market Studies,
University of Tokyo, Japan
Expertise New Product Development and Management, Technology Management, Innovation Management
email  jingmingshiu@mail.ncku.edu.tw     Ext. 53336
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林泰宇       Lin, Tai - Yu 
Title Associate Professor
Education Ph.D., Economics,University of York
Expertise Efficiency management, Monetary  policy and finance,Environmental SDGS,ESG
email z10902009@email.ncku.edu.tw       Ext. 53323     
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陳淑惠    Chen, Shu - Hui 
Title Assistant Professor
Education Ph. D., National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Expertise Business Policy and Strategy, Technology Valuation
email suechen@mail.ncku.edu.tw      Ext. 53333
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李憲達      Li,  Hsien - Ta 
Title Assistant Professor
Education Ph. D., Management,
University of Edinburgh, UK
Expertise Employee Behavior, User Behavior
email htli@mail.ncku.edu.tw     Ext. 53321
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林佑鴻    Lin, You - Hung 
Title Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D. in Law, University of Edinburgh
Expertise Telecommunications Law, Competition Law, Commercial Law, European Union Law
email  z10902010@email.ncku.edu.tw      Ext. 53328 
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葉時碩    Shih-Shuo Yeh 
Title Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D. in tourism and hospitality management, University of Waikato
Expertise Business management, tourism management, tourist behavior, information management
email  z11108039@email.ncku.edu.tw      Ext. 53322 
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黃振皓    Chen-Hao Huang 
Title Assistant Professor
Education Ph. D., Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Expertise Digital Technology Management, Digitally enabled DEI, Case Study, Main Path Analysis
email  chhuang@gs.ncku.edu.tw      Ext. 53330
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